About Espaço Crystalina

~Healing manual therapeutics~

Restore the body’s distortion and alleviate discomfort and pain using Japanese original technology called balancing method Fatigue after the flight, legs swollen from sitting all day, uncomfortable feeling, pain-relieving. If you do not know where to go to a massage shop, please take your time.

About Kinsei

Kinsei-means balance Japanese original body preparation based on 12 basic body torsion pattern that manifest as a result of imbalances in the body(Kinsei technic)

Kinsei manual therapy is a system of Japanese physical medicine that combines analysis of biomechanical body torsion patterns,strength,balance,and movement with traditional meridian theory.Kinsei Therapy resets the nervous system,decreases pain,increases range of movement,and reduces tension.A well organized method to help you regain balance and body movement.

It has been used in Japan for many years as an effective therapy for :
Stiff neck,lower back pain,joint pain,headaches,digestive disorders,pregnancy,fatigue after birth,postpartum pelvic adjustment,fibromyalgia,stress and more….

Please contact us for a consultation to discuss individual needs.
Over 80minutes is recommended.